Mobile Pump Track Launch!


As part of the Actif’s development of Cycling as a Focus Sport in Carmarthenshire, June saw the roll out of a new 48m Mobile Pump Track - made possible by Sport Wales.

The track will be circulated to secondary schools within the county allowing a range of students to come and try it and hopefully take up cycling as a sport.

The pump track, situated in Amman Valley school for the remainder of the Summer 2021 term, has already been hugely popular in the lead up to their 'Cycle to School Day'. This isn't all its used for, some students have even brought in their scooters to have a go. A great deal of fun has been had so far and another option for physical activity given to students.

The track has been another addition to our continual efforts to promote cycling and is a fantastic way to utilise the mountain bikes purchased by Actif Communities for all secondary schools.

Head of PE Mr Phillip Bowen said:

"The bikes and the pump track are a fantastic way of supplying physical activity to children who may not enjoy team games or other sports."