Supporting Carmarthenshire’s
Sports Clubs during Covid-19


Supporting Carmarthenshire’s Sports Clubs during Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everything we do and everyone we know. At the end of March this year when the government imposed lockdown measures on our communities all sports and clubs were forced to an abrupt halt. The future of Welsh Sport from elite to grass roots was a great worry and concern for all involved, none more so that the Actif Community Sport Team.

During this time the Actif Communities’ team have been working with clubs to help ensure they’re able to reopen their doors and welcome back their members when it’s safe to do so. At the end of June they held their first Club Webinar via Zoom which saw over 40 Sports Clubs across the county attend. The evening was an opportunity to inform clubs on what support the team can offer during Covid and beyond, as well as presentations and guidance from two guest NGB’s – Golf and Triathlon.

There was also a CCC facility update from Sport & Leisure Manager Carl Daniels and a question and answer session.  If you weren’t in attendance but would like to catch up with forum then you will soon be able to view the whole evening on our club development pages of the Actif website.  Further webinars are planned as we look to support our community clubs back into play.