We're teaming up with Les Mills!


We want to give you the best, and that’s why we’ve teamed up with Les Mills to offer you world leading exercise classes, online and in our leisure Centres. Les Mills has been rolled out across Carmarthenshire in 3 stages in centre, virtually and on-demand.

Stage 1 (on-demand): Les Mills on demand, where you can access over 100 videos through Actif Anywhere and workout where and when it is convenient for you. You can access the videos as part of your Fitness or Actif Anywhere membership. Get your Actif membership here ACTIF.WALES

If you are already a member the video below has step-by-step instructions on how to access Actif Anywhere.

Stage 2 (virtually in centre): Les Mills virtual in centre, the perfect option if you don’t have space or equipment at home or fancy a social workout session and a catch up. Follow along with a virtual instructor at one of our centres, you will be able to book into the class on the app or online.

Stage 3 (instructor led in centre): Les Mills instructor led sessions, our highly qualified instructors who have gone through hours of rigorous training to get their Les Mills certification will be at the front of the class to lead you through BodyPumb the original barbell workout.

More instructor led classes will be available as new programs and further training takes place including BodyBalace launching fully in August!

All the Les Mills classes are included as part of your fitness membership with a variety of classes available in each centre.

We’re teaming up with Les Mills!