Actif Young People Team

Actif Young People Team

The Actif Sport Team work with primary, secondary schools and colleges by providing a variety of sport and physical activity opportunities for young people, as part of their extra curricular programme.

Explore and Learn

The Explore and Learn officers support school staff by providing them with 'Play to Learn' resources that aim to help improve children's physical skills such as jumping, landing, throwing and catching.  The 'Play to Learn' resources consists of story books, skill and play cards- all aimed at getting children more active in a fun and exciting way.   These are a great resource for teachers, volunteers, pupils, parents and school staff and can be used during lesson time, lunchtime or before and after school. 

The 'Play to Learn' packs are also available for families and can be picked up in one of Carmarthenshire's libraries. 



All secondary schools in Carmarthenshire benefit from an Participate officer who assists in timetabling fun, recreational, inclusive and informal activities before, during and after school with particular emphasis on attracting young people that usually wouldn't take part in physical activity.  

The participate officers also support and train nearly 400 Young Ambassadors (YA) who are role models in sport and who inspire young people to take part in sporting opportunities within their primary / secondary schools and colleges.

The YA's as well as sport leaders and mentors help to deliver the above sessions.


Club development 

The team also works closely with communities, sports clubs and other local groups in providing guidance and support on club development, funding opportunities and lots more.