The Community Ambassador programme costs nothing for those taking part and aims to empower local people to take a lead on sporting opportunities to help build stronger communities in Carmarthenshire.

What will I be doing?

Community Ambassadors are a brand new role and will work closely with the Actif Communities Team, especially the Actif Adult Officers. They are eager to expand their current reach of activities to support and enable communities to become more active, more often. The main task of this role is engaging with communities  and through your interests enable individuals to join you at your activities by

  • Lead or coordinate activities and sessions within the community for others to be active
  • Help others to improve health and wellbeing through physical activity
  • Be a positive influencer within the community
  • Be the voice of your community – help Actif better understand local issues
  • Be a representative on any groups or organisations locally
  • Promoting Actif and the opportunities for the community to be active
  • Promoting your activities through various online platforms

How will this benefit Actif and your community?

By your involvement, it will allow Actif to reach more people within Carmarthenshire to lead an active lifestyle. For your community, you will be providing an invaluable service of offering friendship, companionship, building confidence and ensuring that those who are at risk of social isolation have an outlet to be active.  

Through your insight and knowledge you will allow Actif to understand what are the needs and desires of your community and contribute to future project themes and activities. 

How will this benefit me?

  • Knowledge that you are changing people’s lives!
  • The opportunity to contribute positively to the life of your community
  • Create friendships through the network of other Ambassadors
  • Be a part of team
  • Supporting new opportunities for participants
  • Improve communication skills
  • Upskill where necessary through coaching or leaders qualification
  • Have your own mentor
  • Learn new skills through our workshop
  • Actif Community Ambassador clothing

When do you need me?

There are no set days and times. The role and activities are based around your availability.

Where is the role based?

There is no base for the role and as the title suggest we would hope that activities take place within the community that you live.  If you wish to do an activity session but don’t have a suitable facility, then we will actively make links with suitable places to help arrange a location within your community.

What training will I receive?

You will receive an induction through a delivery of a workshop and support resources we offer.  When applicable, there may be opportunities to attend training courses relevant to your sport or activity.  The Actif Communities team will also ensure that you are mentored and supported and kept up to date. 

What will be expected of me?

  • To carry out at least one opportunity a week for participants to be active
  • To encourage your community to be active
  • Keep your information up to date on Actif’s website
  • To ensure that sessions/opportunities are carried out in a safe manner
  • To forward attendance numbers to your Actif Team mentor

What Skills and attributes do I need?

We like all our volunteers to be enthusiastic and dedicated to helping your community to be physically active.  We are also looking for;


  • Able to communicate with members of your community
  • Approachable and professional manner
  • Organised


  • Experience of running a community group
  • Understanding of community resilience

What support is available to me?

You will have a staff mentor (Actif Adult Officer) who has a responsibility to ensure that you are fully supported and enjoy the experience of being a Community Ambassador.  They will be in regular catch ups giving an opportunity to discuss updates, feedback and plan, this may be by phone call or Teams/Zoom if unable to meet in person.

CLICK HERE to register your interest in becoming a Community Ambassador.