'Skills for Sport' workshops

Skills for Sport workshops

Could your community benefit from

  • Getting young children more active?
  • Running fun structured activities for young children?
  • FREE training, equipment and support?

If yes, then why not get involved with our ‘Skills for Sport' programme?....


What is the 'Skills for Sport' programme/workshops?

It’s a programme that helps community groups, just like you, deliver their own physical activity sessions to children within your own community!

We can support your community group in setting up these sessions by providing workshops that your volunteers can attend to learn all the necessary skills and resources.  Once equipped with all the skills and resources your volunteers can then deliver the 'Skills for Sport' sessions in their own community/community group.

Why take part in the programme?

  • Opportunity for children within your community to take part in physical activity from a young age close to home / within a familiar environment
  • Develops a child’s basic physical skills such as running, jumping and throwing which they will be able to use when playing any sport at an older age
  • A chance for children to become confident and motivated from a young age to take part in physical activity through fun activities
  • Raise the profile of your community/community group
  • Upskill new or existing volunteers within your community group

How it will work for your group?

For example…

If your group already provides activities for younger children, then you can easily incorporate ‘skills for sport’ into them, such as part of the warm-up or as a skills-based element.

If your group doesn’t provide activities for younger children, then ‘skills for sport’ can be introduced to provide fun skill-based sessions. 

What your community group will get?

  • A taster session to see what it’s all about
  • Opportunity for volunteers to attend a 3hr workshop*
  • Mentoring by the Actif Communities team
  • Sport Wales Multi Skills Resource Pack
  • Support and advice on applying for a Community Chest (grant for additional equipment and resources)
  • Continuous support and advice

Dates for the workshop

23 of October 2019 – Amman Valley Leisure Centre, 6pm-9pm

10 of February 2020 – Llanelli Leisure Centre, 6pm – 9pm

11 of May 2020 – Carmarthen Leisure Centre, 6pm-9pm


To attend any of the above please email