Young Ambassadors

Young Ambassadors

Carmarthenshire has over 350 Young Ambassadors aged from 8 to 21, who are part of a national programme that aims to empower and inspire young people to become leaders through sport, to help encourage their inactive peers to become hooked on sport.

Carmarthenshire’s Active Young People (AYP) Team recruit, train, and deploy the outstanding individuals who volunteer their time in delivering sport in their school, college and or local community.

The Young Ambassadors Pathway;


Bronze Young Ambassadors
Primary School age (years 5&6).  Champions of PE and school sport in their Primary School.  They work closely with the teachers to organise sporting events for the school, lead and organise playground activities and also support older leaders to deliver sessions in the school and community.


Bronze Plus Young Ambassadors
Secondary School age (years 7,8 & 9).  Aspiring to be silver ambassadors these pupils who some may have been Bronze Ambassadors previously in their primary school.  Duties include promoting and encouraging 5x60 participation and working closely / shadowing silver and gold ambassadors in helping to lead parts of sport sessions in the school. 


Silver Young Ambassadors
Secondary school age (14+, years 10 and 11).  They are champions of PE and school sport in their secondary school and help lead and organise extra-curriculum sporting opportunities within the school.  They also train and support Bronze ambassadors during their transition from Primary to Secondary School. 


Gold Young Ambassadors 
Secondary School age (year 10 +) who would’ve progressed from silver ambassador by demonstrating themselves in being committed in volunteering within their school and outside in their local community. Additional duties include train local silver and bronze Young Ambassadors, attend regional training events.


Platinum Young Ambassadors
Secondary School age (year 11+).  Being a platinum ambassador is the pinnacle of the YA programme and recognises those who have made an outstanding contribution to the YA programme.  As an experienced Young Ambassador their duties include training and mentoring local gold, silver and bronze ambassadors.  They also support Sport Wales as the voice for young people on a national level.


Want to get involved?

Speak to your primary or secondary school to see how your child can get involved in the programme.