Be Actif Wales Fund

Are you a not-for-profit club or organisation and looking for financial support during Covid-19?
See below for ways your club can apply for support through Sport Wales Covid-19 grants.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit communities across Wales hard and as a result, sport in the community has suffered.

Sport Wales's Be Active Wales Fund aims to PROTECT and PROGRESS community sports clubs and not-for-profit organisations during the pandemic.

There are now 2 types of grants now available -

Protect –

This grant will help protect clubs and community organisations that are immediate financial risk and are unable to meet their financial obligations because of COVID-19.

A grant between £300 and £5000 is available, and some of the examples of funding include: rent, utility costs, insurances and facility o equipment hire (where are this a fixed cost)

Progress –

This grant will help progress sport and activity develop their future plans.

Grants of £300 - £50,00* are available and is intended to help clubs and community organisations:

Tackle inequality
Create long-term solutions to be more sustainable
Take innovative approaches

* You will need to make a contribution of 10% for grants over £10k or 20% over £25k.


If your club is thinking about applying, please get in touch with us to ensure you meet the criteria set by Sport Wales, or with any of your other Club Development needs. We are here to help.