Artistic Swimming

Artistic Swimming, also known as Synchronised swimming is a skillful sport that requires a massive level of endurance, strength and flexibility. 

Artistic Swimming is a swimming activity we provide that you can take part in alongside swimming lessons.

For those who enjoy modern dance, ballet and gymnastics, artistic swimming is the perfect way to transfer those skills into the pool.  It's a great way to keep fit and has many benefits such as;

  • flexibility 
  • increased aerobic capacity
  • increased stamina
  • increased muscular strength
  • increased health and well being 

It's never too late to learn.  Artistic swimming is part of our swimming pathway and we deliver training sessions at;

Llanelli Leisure Centre

Mondays 6pm - 7pm

Wednesdays 8pm - 9pm


If you would like to know more about artistic swimming and how to get involved contact Llanelli Leisure Centre;