Our sport programmes are all about introducing children to physical activity, teaching them the basic physical skills, in a fun and friendly environment. 

Make your child’s development fun

Delivered by highly qualified and motivated coaches, the Actif Passport Programme guides your child through all the fundamental skills they require to be competent in a sport specific field.  As the child masters the skills we record these accomplishments in their very own passport; receiving stamps, stickers and certificates as they go.  Meaning you can track your child’s progress from week to week.

Start them young

The earlier children start being active the better, so they can do all the fun things well and with confidence, like running, catching, throwing and balancing. That's called physical literacy!

Before children can participate in different sports we need them to learn the basics in the same way a child would learn to read and write. Our Skills for Sport sessions are fun filled sessions that have been precisely created utilising the fundamental skills of many different sports. They incorporate a range of sport specific games, including common movement patterns to develop your child's agility, balance and co-ordination. They're the perfect sessions to get your child ready to move on and choose one of our sport specific programmes. Our Skills for Sport programme is suitable for children as young as 3 years old, where we help children learn the basics such as running, hopping, throwing, jumping and catching. All whilst making new friends and having fun being active, so they keep doing it. Once they can do all these skills well and with confidence, they are ready to move on and choose one of our sport specific programmes and learn even more skills!

Sport-specific programmes

We want to give children a positive introduction to whichever sport they choose because our ultimate aim is that they stay healthy and active throughout life. We offer a fun and structured programme for the following sports;

  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Cycling
  • Athletics
  • Hockey
  • Skills for Sport


£16.80 a month per programme (includes 1 session a week)

‘Pay and play’ sessions

As well as our Skills for Sport and Sport-specific programmes we also deliver other fun sports activities on a ‘Pay/play as you go’ basis.  These sessions include;

  • Actif Story Time and Soft Play
  • Mini Fitness
  • Inflatable session (sports hall)
  • Junior fitness class - Synrgy

These are priced at £4.20 per session.

Please see timetables for details. Junior timetable varies per centre.


Click on your nearest centre to view the junior activities timetable;