Adult swimming

Adult swimming

It's never too late to learn to swim and be confident in the water.  Our Adult swimming lessons cater for all abilities from complete beginners to those who are competent and looking for additional tips to perfect their stroke techniques and stamina.

Learning to swim is an essential skill and a skill for life and it's never too late to learn. 

Adult Swimming lessons

Our Adult swimming programme offers sessions for all abilities.  

These lessons are great if you are;

  • complete beginner
  • looking to improve confidence in the water or
  • would like to brush up on your swimming skills

Before your first lesson you will have a chat with our Swimming coordinator at site who will discuss how confident you are in the water and what you hope to achieve from the lessons and from then can discuss all options with you.  

Lessons are available in; Amman Valley, Carmarthen, Llanelli and Llandovery Swimming pools.

Cost - Our adult swimming lessons costs £22.95 per month.  If you join part way through the month we will take a pro rata payment based on the number of days remaining of that month.  The Direct Debit payment is taken on the 1st of every month.  Payment for the swimming lessons can only be done at our leisure centres. 

FAST sessions

FAST sessions are for Adults who want to further develop their swimming for fitness or competition purposes such as triathlons. These are coached sessions delivered to those looking for high quality sessions aimed at improving fitness, stroke technique and speed.  The expert feedback and support you receive each week is about making sure you are improving in the areas you wish to work on.  Coaches will set drills and practices tailored to your needs in order to help with your technique.  There will be regular feedback between you and the coach.

There are a range of memberships available for FAST which you can take out a stand alone FAST membership or add onto one of our core membership from only £8.70 a month.

These sessions take place at LlanelliAmman Valley and Carmarthen Leisure centres.  


Aquafit is a fun fitness classes involving a range of aerobic moves that are done in the pool.

No matter your age or ability Aquafit is an inclusive fitness class suitable for everyone.  After only a few sessions you will see a big difference in your overall fitness. 

Working out in water has a range of benefits. The key one being that the water acts as a cushion protecting joints such as the spine and ankles.

Find your nearest centre offering Aquafit by taking a look at our timetables.


Over 60's free swimming 
Take the plunge with the 60+ Free swimming initiative! Those who are 60 years or over can access our swimming pools for FREE at selected times throughout the day, great way of getting healthier and more physically active.

These sessions are also a great way of meeting new people too.

Take a look at our swimming timetables to see what times these sessions take place - available at all our Actif swimming pools.