Learn to Swim - Splash Programme

The Splash programme is the first stage on our fully integrated swimming pathway, introducing your child to basic skills to help them develop their swimming and become safe proficient swimmers.

Our Learn to Swim ‘SPLASH’ programme introduces babies and toddlers (from 3 months and above) to fun water activities.

Daily lessons at flexible times.  Classes last at least 30 minutes.
Bilingual swimming lessons available on request.

GROUP SPLASH: These sessions inttroduce babies from the age of 3 months to the water.  Babies love to explore new textures, sensations and sounds so there's no better place to start than in the water. 

Our group splash is a session led by the parent, bring your child along to the pool and use the different toys and floats to help introduce your little one to the water.  These sessions are not teacher-led but more about getting your little one more confident in and around water so that the next stages (Splash 1 - 6) of the Learn to swim programme that's teacher-led will be a lot easier for them. 

Introduces your child to the swimming pool environment. We aim to encourage swimmers to develop their confidence in water. Learning basic floating and aquatic breathing skills. Begin basic travel with aids.

We will begin to encourage travel on their front and back with aids and develop basic travel through games and play. We continue to learn basic aquatic breathing skills as well as floating and continue to build confidence throughout their early swimming journey.

Swimmers will become more independently whilst using aids. Swimmers will be more confident and begin to develop travel on their front and back. Swimmers will continue to develop floating as well as learn how to push and glide.

Swimmers will learn the basic movements dolphin kick and breaststroke kick. Swimmers will also be confident with water shower over the head and begin to develop confidence with placing their face in the water. Swimming aids will be reduced in Splash 4.

Swimmers will learn how to jump in the pool safely. Swimmers will become less independent on swimming aids and be confident swimming on their front and back. Swimmers will be confident with putting their face in the water. Swimming aids are reduced.

Swimmers will be confident swimming short distances on their front and back using all four strokes with the use of aids. Swimmers will have a good understanding of aquatic breathing and will be ready to develop their skills in our Wave program.


Our Splash programmes costs £23.50 per month (per child) by Direct Debit.  If you join part way through the month we will take a pro rata payment based on the number of days remaining of that month.  The Direct Debit payment is taken on the 1st of every month.

Payment for the swimming lessons can only be done at our leisure centres. 

Available all year
Our Splash Programme runs for 50 weeks of the year, 6 days a week and children can enrol at any time.

The Splash programme takes place at the following Actif Swimming Pools.  To find out more or to book swimming lessons please contact your local Actif Leisure Centre or email us.