Actif Communities are Carmarthenshire County Council’s division responsible for supporting and driving sport and physical activity in our communities.

We recognise and value the commitment, dedication and opportunities that sports clubs and community organisations offer, to ensure that more people in Carmarthenshire can get more active, more often!

Our ambition

That every sports club and organisation in our county are the absolute best they can be, and through our brand new Thriving Clubs programme, our Actif Communities team can help clubs and community organisations strengthen, grow and be fit for the future.

Our offer to you

We would love to work with you! Once you have spoken to us about the Thriving Clubs Program we will arrange a meeting where you, your club and a member of the Actif Communities team can explore how we can work together to help your club to thrive. Where possible at this time we will spend time with your club members to better understand the unique needs of your club and support the committee in creating and actioning a thorough development plan.

Actif Communities Thriving Clubs