Actif Family

Looking for ideas on how to keep the kids active at home?
We'll list the skill of the week below as well as on our social media.  Make sure to follow us on Facebook @ActifSportandLeisure and Twitter @SportCarms where we'll be posting more ideas of how you can make the skill more challenging with little games you can all do as a family.

Week 1 - Crazy Capers

Crazy Capers - Skill week 1

Week 2 - Me to you to me

Me to you to me skill

Week 3 - Pebble Plop

Pebble plop skill

Week 4 - Spot to Spot

Spot to Spot skill

Week 5  - Throw and Catch

Throw and Catch skill


Week 6  - Jumping Jade

Jumping Jade skill