Active Story Time

Active Story Time

Active Story Time

It’s about getting children active, increasing their basic fundamental skills (agility, balance and coordination) from a young age through story time.  An opportunity for parents/guardians and toddler/child to learn together and have fun!

Why is it important?

It’s a chance for children to become confident and motivated from a young age to take part in physical activity.  It’s an opportunity for children to learn and develop the basic skills that are needed for them to play sport and can also develop social skills, problem solving, language, literacy, numeracy and teamwork to name a few.

It’s as easy as learning your a, b, c’s!

When a child is learning to read, they first learn words such as cat, sat, mat.  Once these have been mastered, children then string words together into sentences and read them.

This can be applied to physical skills-

When a child is learning physical skills, they first learn skills such as run, jump, throw and balance. These skills are then linked together to create movement and perform activities such as riding a bike, swimming or playing football.

How can you get involved?

Active Story Time Sessions in the community - Sessions could be running in your local leisure centre, library or family centres.  Pop down to your local library to loan:

a Parental Pack - a book and bag of equipment - from your local library to encourage your child to be active in and around the home.

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