Pre-School Aged Children

We work closely with community settings; Cylch Meithrins, Libraries and Family Centres, providing training and ongoing support to leaders to ensure that children from an early age engage in physical activity.
Here are some of the ways how....

Active Story Time...

What is it?

• It’s about getting children active and increasing their basic fundamental skills (agility, balance and coordination) from a young age through story time.

• Bringing stories alive through fun and games

• Opportunity for parents/guardians and toddler/child to learn together and have fun


How can you join in?...

Active Story time Sessions take place in the community - Sessions could be running in your local Leisure Centre, Library or Family Centres. For more detail on where these sessions are happening, please email us -

Loan Bags/Buckets

The loan bags and buckets project is run through Cylch Meithrins and is aimed to encourage families to help their children practice and develop their physical skills at home. Each bag has a variety of equipment and activity cards that give parents/guardians ideas on how to teach the skill through fun games/activities, such as;

1. Movement skills; walking, running, jumping, side-step

2. Body management skills; balance and shapes

3. Object-controlled skills; catching, throwing, kicking and dribbling



Toddlebikes are a great way to encourage children to start learning to ride a bike. Once children are able to walk independently, they can start playing with Toddlebikes. They are light and can be used indoors and outdoors. These bikes are available in Cylch Meithrins for children to access during ‘free play’ and also a structured fun session where they will learn the first steps towards independent riding.


For more information on where these sessions are happening, please contact us