Primary School Aged Children

We work with primary schools and community organisations to get children more active. Our programmes focus on developing basic fundamental physical skills that will develop confidence and motivation from a young age to continue being active for life.

Our programmes for primary schools include-

Play to Learn

Our Explore & Learn officers work with foundation phase teachers to upskill, mentor and support them to deliver Play to Learn sessions in curricular and extra-curricular time. The resource consists of imaginative story books, skills cards and activity cards. The resource is designed to give leaders a variety of ideas to help encourage children to develop their fundamental physical skills such as running, jumping, throwing, catching and kicking.

Dragon Multi Skills

Our officers work with teachers in the Foundation Phase and KS2 to upskill, mentor and support them with the development of multi skills within the school. The multi skills resource consists of physical skill cards and activity cards to help develop a child’s agility, balance and coordination. We provide training, the resource and ongoing support within schools to encourage them to deliver a Multi Skills programme across their curricular and extra-curricular programmes.

Sport Specific

Within KS2, our officers offer mentoring support and resources to schools to support them in providing extracurricular opportunities to children around the following sports

* Aquatics * Cycling * Athletics *Triathlon * Hockey * Football * Netball * Cricket * Golf * Tennis


We do this by;

• Working in partership with National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGB’s)to develop participation opportunities within Carmarthenshire.

• Invest in resources and infrastructure around our focus and priority sports, ensuring exit routes from school projects and programmes to community.

• Collaboratively work with schools to support the delivery of our 10 focus and priority sports within curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Our programmes for the community include-

Skills for Sport

Our Explore & Learn Officers work with community groups who provide activities for young children, to develop a multi skills programme. Training, ongoing support and advice is provided to ensure quality sustainable opportunities are available.

The programme can be easily incorporated into part of a club’s existing sessions such as part of the warm up and skill based element or in addition looking at introducing a younger age group to your club.

Find out if your local community has this programme (link to directory) or if you are part of a community club and are interested, please get in touch.

Sports Clubs

We recognise and value the commitment, dedication and opportunities that sports clubs and community organisations offer, to ensure that more people in Carmarthenshire can get more active, more often! Through our brand new Thriving Clubs programme, our Actif Participate Officers can help the junior sections of your clubs and community organisations strengthen, grow and be fit for the future. We are here to help!