Ready Set Ride

Riding a bike gives you a great sense of freedom – Every child in Britain should have the chance to learn. That’s why HSBC UK and British Cycling created 'Ready Set Ride', with free, quick and easy games to help you teach your child how to pedal.

Prepare to Ride 

There is nothing stopping any child from grabbing a bike and having a go, but making sure they are ready can make the whole thing easier and more enjoyable.

Prepare 2 Ride games help to get children ready to ride and are great fun activities to do anytime, anywhere, whether a child is pedalling or not.

Core skills developed through the Prepare 2 Ride games like these set a child up for an active life, but have been created with cycling in mind.

At the end of this series of games, there are a series of challenges to complete. Then get ready to try the next series, Skills to Cycle - Balancing. Off we go!

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Skills 2 Ride - Balance

Balance bikes are a great way to help your child get ready to pedal. Any bike can be turned into a balance bike by pulling off the pedals. Click on the below image to open up simple instructions on how to do it yourself.

The activities found in the link below will help your child explore his / her community and experience the freedom a bike offers from an early age. These games can be adapted by you and your child and can be played again when your child can pedal.

Try to use all these skills when cycling around your park or to the shops. What can you practice while out on your bike?

At the end of this series of games, there are challenges to complete and then be ready to try the next series: Skills to Cycle - Pedals. Off we go!

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Skills 2 Ride - Pedals

Once a child is ready to try pedalling or just wants to give it a go these games will support them to make the transition from scooting to pedalling – no stabilisers in sight!

Once children can pedal without help, these games will improve their skills and help them to become really confident riders who want to spend time on their bike.

At the end of this series of games, there are a series of challenges to complete. Off we go!

   Click on the buttons below to access all the games to help support your child once they are ready to try pedalling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would I help my child be able to get the forward momentum for pedalling?

The height of you child seat post is really important ensuring they are able to use their legs fully to generate power to move forward.

Therefore ensure that they are sitting with their toes touching the floor rather than the foot flat which might have been the case on a balance bike. Again ensure that they are comfortable with this height is important to avoid falling creating anxiety around falling.

A task to help with generating forward momentum is Stamp and Slide where you can encourage you child to scrap their foot along the floor backward flicking an object into a target.

What’s best to practice balance on the bike?

Balancing on the bike can be done in stages, yan start with wibble wobble balancing from one foot to the other whilst stretching out as far as possible to the side.

Next it’s a track balance where both feet come off the floor whilst the bike is stationary, can you keep your feet up for 5 seconds whilst sitting on the seat?

Finally can you take long strides whilst on your bike and when your ready lift both feet up without putting them down till you come to a complete stop.

How would you encourage a child to start pedalling on their own?

Firstly they need to feel comfortable with a new bike or new parts to the bike ‘The Pedals’  Therefore encourage them to use their pedal bike as a balance bike but encourage them to rest their feet on the pedals just to glide as first.

Once their comfortable with this encourage them to push the pedals round once maybe twice, they might need support therefore place your hand on their back so they know you have them before they fall.

When do you know if a child is ready to progress from a balance bike to a pedal bike?

When the child can glide and steer whilst both feet are off the floor going round corners there ready to start to familiarise themselves with a pedal bike, but remember take you time it’s a patient and long journey.