Secondary School Aged Young People

The Active Young People Officers support a variety of educational and community settings across Carmarthenshire to get young people active

Secondary schools play a pivotal role in shaping the habitual exercise habits of young people. Participate Officers have created an innovative package for secondary schools that will target those most need of support.

The Actif Communities Participate offer includes:
• Extra-Curricular Sessions
• Engagement Program
• Intervention Program
• Us Girls Hub
• Multi-skills Transition Program
• Young Ambassador Programme
These programs will be delivered by the Active Young People team. The Participate Officer will work collaboratively with the whole school to facilitate effective program delivery.

Active Young People (AYP) Officers aim to encourage young people to be active and engaged with physical activity during their time at secondary school and within the community. Officer will build relationships with pupils to understand and overcome their barriers to participating. Our programs take a targeted approach with well-being and pupil voice at their core and include -


Extracurricular sessions give pupils the opportunity to access sports that they usually wouldn’t have access to. These sessions are developed through pupil voice, and local and national initiatives, information on these can usually be found on the school’s social media and on noticeboards dotted around the school. Our main aim is to create clear pathways for students who take part in our sessions to be able to move confidently into community activity.


The Engagement program targets pupils who may not be currently engaged in PE in schools. This can be for a wide range of reasons such as previous experiences, negative interaction with others during sport, body consciousness, or generally dislike of the subject. These areas are explored and together, the officer and the pupils identify how to help them become engaged with physical activity.


The Intervention Program offers your selected Additional Learning Needs pupils the opportunity to participate in fun sessions that will have the aim of improving physical literacy skills and basic personal skills. The cohort will change every academic term, dependent upon the progress of the individuals and the group. Pupils are monitored via a tracker which will allows the Officer to identify individual strengths and ‘work-ons’. The tracker facilities a pupil-centered approach, ensuring participants are reaching their full potential.


The Young Ambassador program builds leadership skills and empowers young people to be the voice for PE and school sport of their school and community. They are essential to help inspire the next generation of young people to become more active, more often! Our Young Ambassadors are great sporting role models who are leaders within their school and communities.

• Bronze Plus Young Ambassadors: KS3 pupils; usually, but not exclusively are those who were Bronze Young Ambassadors in primary school. They promote and assist with delivery and can sit on the School Sports Council.
• Silver Young Ambassadors: Year 9 to 13.They promote and deliver sessions in schools, mentor the B+YAs and can sit on the School Sports Council .
• Gold Young Ambassadors: Year 10 -13. They can lead the School Sports Council They promote and inspire, leading the YA program across Carmarthenshire
• Platinum Ambassadors: Year 10 – 13. They sit on the National Steering group and influence sport for young people across Wales.


The Actif Communities team deliver training and provide on-going support to all Young Ambassadors across Carmarthenshire.


To promote positive values and be a role model, championing PE and schools sport in an effort to increase participation.


Sports Clubs

We recognise and value the commitment, dedication and opportunities that sports clubs and community organisations offer, to ensure that more people in Carmarthenshire can get more active, more often! Through our brand new Thriving Clubs programme, our Actif Participate Officers can help the junior sections of your clubs and community organisations strengthen, grow and be fit for the future. We are here to help!

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US Girls

An award-winning programme, The Us Girls brand is designed to increase and sustain young women's participation in sport and physical. Participate Officers work in partnership with Us Girls, National Governing bodies and the local community to provide ‘girls only’ sessions. The sessions take place in an environment that builds confidence and encourages girls to try a range of activities that will encourage lifelong participation.
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