Actif Communities is Carmarthenshire County Councils section responsible for developing sport and physical activity opportunities in throughout the county.

Working closely with Education settings, Sports Clubs, Community Organisations, National Governing Bodies and the Health Sector our aim is to get more people, more active, more often through physical activity, community sport and health and wellbeing interventions.

Working closely with Education Settings, Sports Clubs, Community Organisations, National Governing Bodies and the Health Sector our aim is to get more people, more active, more often.


Explore & Learn

The Explore and Learn Officers focus on helping children from a young age to develop their physical skills so that they become more confident and motivated to take part in sport and physical activity for life.

Learning and being confident to try new sports is similar to learning to read. Very few children could just pick up a book and start to read it confidently without learning their ABC's first, then some words and then a sentence….. and with physical activity - it's much the same! Children need to explore & learn individual physical skills first (e.g. hopping, throwing, jumping), then learn to use them in a simple activity, then use them whilst playing sport (kicking a ball, kicking a ball to a partner, kicking a ball in a game of football!).

The Explore and Learn Officers develop lots of sustainable opportunities in their geographic area for young children aged 0-7 by working with a range of organisations such as Meithrins, Libraries, Family Centres, Schools…the more opportunity children have the better!



The team of Participate Officers support the Primary and Secondary Schools, Sports Clubs and Communities in their geographical area to get young people active. By working closely with a range of partners the Team are able to create innovative programs that shape the exercise habits of young people for life.


Actif Adults

The Actif Adult Officers are the newest addition to the Actif Communities Team and their focus to ensure a range of opportunities exist for adults to be active through sport, health and community engagement.

Working closely with Sports Clubs, Town & Community Councils and other agencies, our Officers ensure that every wherever possible they maximise the number of opportunities for adults to be active from supporting the community to start up a new sports club to introducing walking netball to a knitting group - they've got it covered!


Disablity Sport

Our Disability Sport Officer has a pivotal and unique role in helping to drive transformational change by creating a more inclusive sports sector where every disabled person is hooked on sport, offering real choice as to where, when and how often people play sport.

Working with new and existing partners the aim is to embrace inclusion, and in so doing, provide even greater levels of activity for disabled people.


We are here to support you and your community get active!