Ever considered volunteering? Administered by Actif Sport & Leisure, the Actif volunteer platform aims to facilitate volunteering opportunities across Carmarthenshire by connecting people who want to volunteer with organisations wanting volunteers within the field of sport and leisure. Click here to find out more.

Our goal is to benefit local communities by making it as easy as possible for people to give of their time, energy and skills through volunteering and help us in our mission to improve wellbeing through inspiring our population to be active for life.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering is a fantastic way to make a positive difference to your community while also helping you meet new people, learn new skills, gain experiences, and enhance your wellbeing. All sorts of people volunteer, so whether you are a seasoned volunteer or just wanting to give it a go for the first time, we're sure to have something for you!

What will I be doing?

What you'll be doing will vary from opportunity, but each one will have a description of what the role entails to help you make an informed decision. Regardless of your role, rest assured that whether you are assisting at a sports session, marshalling on an event or carrying administrative tasks, you will be given the support and any training you need to make the most out of your volunteering experience.

How do I get involved?

Getting involved is easy. Simply click here and search the list of opportunities, find something of interest, register and sign-up at the click of a button!