Tips for your first time at one of our Leisure Centres

Your first time visiting the Leisure Centre can be intimidating. You may not know where you need to go, or need help with certain pieces of equipment in the gym, or it could be crowded and you’re unsure about etiquette. Well, we’re here to help. Let us guide you through it, to make sure you keep coming back to Actif so you can reach your wellness targets.

Arriving the Leisure Centre for the first time

On your first visit, go to reception desk and one of the staff members will set you up with an RFID button or keyring.  Your RFID button / keyring can be used to 

  • give you access through the access control gates (at selected leisure centres only)
  • can be used to open and close lockers to store your belongings while you are at the leisure centre. 

Going to the gym for the first time

If you have any concerns about your health or think there is any reason that you shouldn’t begin exercising then we always recommend that you visit your doctor beforehand to discuss your concerns.

Gym induction

If you have never been to our gym you will need to book yourself into an induction. To book an induction you will need to ......

If you are unsure of how to use equipment after being to the induction please ask a member of our fitness team to help you.  They are there to talk you through using the equipment but they can also give you advice on exercise.  Just remember to keep things simple and not push yourself too hard in the first few visits that way 


What should I wear and bring with you to the gym or class?

get text from Soph - latest gym etiquette 

  • bring a water bottle and a towel 
  • bring a pound coin with you to access lockers in case all the lockers that open with RFID buttons are taken
  • Arrive for fitness classes 5-10 mins before