GoodBoost an app-based exercise programme

Good Boost is an app-based therapeutic exercise programme that is designed to be beneficial for people with a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, including arthritis and back pain and expectant mothers too.

We will be delivering 3 types of GoodBoost programmes;

  • Good Boost ‘Land’ - delivers personalised 'land' sessions that will take place in our centres and also selected community venues. Sessions typically last between 10-30 minutes and can be adapted based on the customers preferences and equipment available.
  • Good Boost ‘Aqua’ - delivers personalised aquatic exercise sessions for groups and individuals. Sessions typically last between 20-40 minutes.
  • Good Boost ‘Aqua Natal’ - delivers personalised aqua natal exercise sessions for expectant mothers.

How much will a Good Boost session cost and how to book? 

Group and individual sessions will cost £4.20 per session.

Good Boost Direct Debit membership £24.20 per month (plus no joining fee)

Firstly, you need to have an induction so that we can create your profile on the tablets. You will then be ready to book into sessions.

You can book for group or individual sessions through our Actif app. Go to Make a booking and select swim sessions for pool based Good Boost sessions or Gym booking for land-based sessions.

How does it work?

1. You firstly need to create a Good Boost account. To do this you would need to book an induction with a member of staff (book via the app or call us). During the induction you will be asked a number of health related questions.

2. Once registered, you are ready to book into Good Boost sessions. In your first session you will be given a Good Boost tablet. It will generate a personalised session based on your specific needs e.g. if you suffer from low back pain, it will take this into account and give you exercises that help this area.

3. Throughout the class you will follow the on screen instructions given to you. A member of staff will always be on hand if you need any help.

GoodBoost App

How will the sessions be delivered?

There is a mix of group and individual sessions available. In the group sessions, an Actif member of staff will facilitate the session while each participant in the class has a Good Boost waterproof tablet that will take you through your own session at your own pace. During the session, the tablet will ask you to rate each of the exercises you complete as easy, just right, or too difficult so that the next time you attend the exercises will change to ensure that it's of the right level/intensity for you.

The individual sessions will allow customers to ‘hire out’ a Good Boost tablet so that they can complete a workout by yourself.  These sessions will be bookable during quieter times allowing you to use an area of the gym, dance studio, or pool to complete your session. 

Your personalised exercise programme is created based on the health data you input at the induction and each time you take part in a session it will ask you to rate it – hard, easy or just right so that next time you attend a session it will adjust the intensity of the workout.

Who will benefit from a Good Boost session? 

Good Boost sessions are suitable for a wide range of health conditions, including;

  • Musculoskeletal conditions
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Before and after hip and knee joint replacement
  • Hip and knee pain
  • Rheumatoid arthritis 

As well as being suitable for the above health conditions we will also have Good Boost Aqua Natal session that is ideal for pregnant ladies.

The Good Boost sessions aim to reduce pain, improve strength, mobility and function as well as giving you the opportunity to socialise and be active.

If you have any concerns about your conditions, including pregnancy, we recommend you to seek advice from a medical professional.

Session Days & Times

Amman Valley Leisure Centre

GoodBoost Land, group - Monday - 10:30-11:00

Individual - Tuesday - 13:30-14:00

GoodBoost Aqua Natal, group - Wednesday - 12:15-12:45

GoodBoost Land, group - Wednesday - 14:00-14:30

GoodBoost Aqua, group - Wednesday - 14:45-15:15

Individual - Thursday - 14:30-15:00

GoodBoost Aqua - Friday - 14:00-14:30

Individual - Friday - 14:30-15:00

Carmarthen Leisure Centre

GoodBoost Aqua Natal, group - Tuesday - 12:30-13:00

GoodBoost Aqua, group - Tuesday - 13:45-14:15

GoodBoost Aqua, individual - Wednesday - 21:00-21:30

GoodBoost Aqua, individual - Friday – 21:00-21:30