Rookie Lifeguard Programme

The Rookie Lifeguards programme gives your child the skills they need to be confident in the pool or sea - meaning a peace of mind for you.

The Rookie Lifeguard course can run parallel with your child's swimming lessons with us so as their swimming skills enhance so will their knowledge about water safety.

The programme begins with Stage 1 Bronze award and progresses to Stage 3 Gold award. It teaches children aged 8+ how to swim and enjoy water safely, whether in shallow or deeper water. It also covers rescue techniques and resuscitation. 

Must be a competent swimmer and able to swim 800m or more.

The entry level is Wave 7 and above.


Where and when do sessions take place?

Carmarthen Leisure Centre:

Bronze and Silver - Tuesday at 6:00pm; Silver and Gold - Tuesday at 6:30pm

To book, email 

Amman Valley Leisure Centre:

Bronze and Silver - Monday at 4:45pm; Bronze - Thursday at 4:45pm

To book, email



Our Rookies programmes costs £30.50 per month (per child) by Direct Debit. If you join part way through the month we will take a pro rata payment based on the number of days remaining of that month. The Direct Debit payment is taken on the 1st of every month.

Payment for the Rookie Lifeguard sessions can only be done at our leisure centres.