Swimming Pool Sessions at Actif Leisure Centres

Actif Leisure Centres offer access to swimming pools for members and customers of all ages. Below is a list of our swimming sessions including lane swimming, family swimming and recreational swimming.

Actif Swimming Pools

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What is Public Swimming?

A swim session where everyone is welcome, regardless of age or ability. This includes individuals wanting to enjoy a relaxed swim and families wanting to enjoy time in the pool to those who may not have swum in a while and want to get back into it in a relaxed environment.

These sessions are unstructured with no lanes, although some part of the pool may be allocated for lane swimming. These sessions allow users to swim as they please – across the width, remaining in the shallow or deep ends of the pool. It is not expected that users will swim lengths in the unstructured section of the pool, and users should move into the lanes for this activity.


What is Family Swimming?

These sessions are unstructured and will be attractive for families and a fantastic way to introduce smaller children to the joys of swimming and all the fun that water can provide. It’s a great way for them to build their confidence in the water, either away from the more organised swimming lesson programme or before they formally enter the learn to swim programme.


What is Lane Swimming?

Swimming is a great activity, whatever your reasons for coming to a swimming pool.  If you want to swim as part of a healthy lifestyle you should come to one of our Lane Swimming Sessions – please check your local leisure centre swimming pool timetable to see when these sessions run. Lane swimming describes exactly what is expected of swimmers in these sessions. Swimmers are to swim continuously – don’t worry, rests are allowed!

When you arrive at the pool, you will see that the pool will be set up with lane ropes dividing the pool into different lanes. Before you jump in and start your swim there are a few rules on lane swimming etiquette that you need to be aware of to avoid crashing into other swimmers in the lane and keep things flowing smoothly.

Each lane will usually have a notice board at each end showing two pieces of vital information for you:

  1. Whether the lane is allocated to FAST, MEDIUM, or SLOW swimmers. Choose which lane best suits you. It is worth looking at the standard of swimmers in each lane as a guide for you to gauge your ability level against theirs, before entering the water.  If you decide to change stroke to a slower stroke, such as breaststroke you should consider changing your lane to a slower lane.
  2. Whether the direction of travel is clockwise or anti-clockwise.  Make sure you stick to the direction of travel as indicated – even if the lane is quiet. This will help to ensure it is accessible, safe and enjoyable for all users.


What is Over 60+ Swimming?

Take the plunge with the 60+ Free swimming initiative! Those who are 60 years or over can access our swimming pools for FREE at selected times throughout the day, great way of getting healthier and more physically active. These sessions are also a great way of meeting new people too.

Our Actif 60+ promotion also offers free access to facilities and community-based activities for the first eight weeks followed by a 50% discount for the following eight weeks.


What is U16 Swimming?

Free swimming in Wales was introduced in 2003. At the time, it was the first national free-swimming programme. It aimed to increase participation among young people (aged 16 and under), and older people (aged 60 plus). Free swimming is funded by the Welsh Government and delivered by local authorities and local trusts. It is managed by Sport Wales.

Free swimming sessions are available for Under 16’s in each of our four leisure centres in Carmarthen, Llanelli, Ammanford and Llandovery. Those aged 16U can swim for free for an hour each week throughout the year.

Additionally, they can swim for free throughout the school holidays.

Click here for the latest swimming pool timetables

Direct Debit memberships

Swimming only memberships available:

Bronze £29.50 a month - Includes access to Carmarthen, Llanelli, Amman Valley and Llandovery Swimming pools.

Corporate Bronze £26.50 a month - Available to employees of companies / organisations affiliated to our corporate scheme. Includes access to Carmarthen, Llanelli, Amman Valley and Llandovery Swimming pools.


Pay As You Go

Adult Swimming Session: £5.80

Junior Swimming Session: £3.60

Family Swimming Session (2 Adults & 2 Children): £15.20


How to join - Bronze & Corporate Bronze (Swim only memberships)?

If you are a new customer and would like to sign up to a swim only membership, the good news is you can sign up yourself by following these steps; 

  • Click JOIN 
  • Select Site from the drop-down list (please select your preferred centre)
  • Select Start / Restart a Membership
  • Select Swim Only Memberships, and click next
  • Complete your details
  • Once you've completed these steps you will now receive a confirmation email from us.  You will now be able to make bookings


How to find swimming timetables?

The easiest way to find the up-to-date swimming timetables for each of our centres is by downloading the Actif Sport & Leisure app from the App Store or Google Play. All available swimming sessions to members and customers can be found on the app as well as making a booking.