What is Actif Anywhere and How to Join?

Actif Anywhere is Actif's very own live streaming service bringing you real-time fitness classes in facilities, virtually, schools, clubs and community venues.

What is Actif Anywhere?

Actif Anywhere is Actif’s very own digital fitness platform, your go-to destination for real-time fitness classes that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own space. With Actif Anywhere, you can access live fitness sessions and an extensive library of On Demand workout videos, all delivered by top-tier instructors and fitness experts.

Say goodbye to crowded gyms and hello to convenient, interactive, and personalized fitness experiences. Members who have a fitness membership with Actif can enjoy these classes as part of their membership!

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Key reasons to experience Actif Anywhere?

Live Streaming Classes: Join our live fitness classes in real-time, led by experienced instructors who will guide you through a variety of workouts.

Interactive Experience: Interact with your instructors and fellow participants through our chat feature. Receive personal guidance, stay motivated, and feel the camaraderie of a fitness community.

Virtual Camaraderie: You're never alone in your fitness journey. Watch and engage with other members who are working out alongside you, even if you're in different locations.

Flexible Location: Choose where you want to work out - be it at home, in your garden, at the office, or your local park. The choice is yours!

24/7 Access: We understand that your schedule might not fit traditional gym hours. Actif Anywhere is available 24/7, making it ideal for shift workers and night owls.

On-Demand Library: Access a vast library of over 200 On Demand videos. These videos are led by first-class instructors and renowned fitness experts including the World renowned Les Mills, ensuring you have a wide range of workout options at your disposal.

Variety of Classes: Our fitness offerings cater to a diverse audience. From Strength & Conditioning to Cardio & Endurance, Dance classes, HIIT, Yoga & Relaxation, Cycling, and more, we have something for everyone in the family.

Why choose Actif Anywhere?

Convenience: Fit workouts into your schedule, wherever you are, with our flexible streaming service.

Interactive Coaching: Get real-time guidance and support from experienced instructors.

Community: Connect with like-minded individuals and feel the motivation of working out together, virtually.

Variety: Enjoy a wide range of workouts, so you'll never get bored with your fitness routine.

How much does Actif Anywhere cost?

Sign Up:

Actif Anywhere is FREE with our fitness memberships

You can enjoy on-demand and live classes alongside attending activities in centre. The on-demand content includes over 150 videos from Les Mills and our own Actif instructors).

Pay Monthly: £10.50 per month for a stand-alone membership

This membership gives you unlimited access to the Actif Anywhere platform ONLY.

PAYG: A one-off session will be £7.20 but best of all - you're first live session is FREE.

Those wishing to sign up as Pay as you go can do so by registering as a Pay as You Go membership via JOIN online.

Once registered you can access the platform using your email address and password. You will be prompted to input your card details for future payment of £7.20 per class once on the platform.

How to join Actif Anywhere?

Interested in joining Actif Anywhere, take a look below on the steps you need to take to get you started.

You will need to sign up for an Actif Anywhere standalone membership, to do this you will need to;

Click JOIN and go through the following steps;

  • Select Site from the drop-down list
  • Select Sign up for a membership
  • Select Online Direct Debits
  • Select Actif Anywhere Membership from the list
  • Add in your details
  • Add and confirm your payment details
  • Once you've completed these steps you will now have access to the Actif Anywhere platform. 

To access the Actif Anywhere platform you will need;

  • Your email address (that you used to sign up for the membership)
  • Membership PIN (this will be included in your confirmation email after joining)

How to log in to Actif Anywhere?

Once you've signed up for an Actif Anywhere membership and you have your email address and password ready you'll be ready to access the platform.

Click on the button below simply enter your email address and password (this password is the same one you use to book your classes or swim online / via the app)

Log in for Actif Anywhere


Make and Manage your bookings

Once logged in you can make bookings or manage the bookings you've made.


Actif staff delivering Actif Anywhere session

The ever evolving platform!

We are always looking for ways we can help our communities. Whether you're a sports club looking to keep your members active, a school seeking physical literacy and activity solutions, a community venue inviting people to participate in light activity, or anyone in between, Actif Anywhere could be the solution your looking for.

Actif Anywhere delivered in the community

Actif Anywhere for Clubs

Are you a sports club looking to boost activity levels among your members? Do you have parents waiting on the sidelines during training sessions, or are you searching for new income streams for your club?

Actif Anywhere for Clubs is here to help. Join our platform and encourage your members to stay active together.

Actif Anywhere For Schools

Pre-schools and Primary Schools: Are you in search of physical literacy and activity solutions for young learners? From fun games to Actif stories, yoga, and meditation, we offer a range of engaging options that promote physical and mental well-being.

Secondary Schools: If you're a secondary school looking to enhance your fitness and physical education programs, we can offer strength and conditioning, dance, and fitness resources tailored to your students' needs.

For Community Venues

Are you a community venue looking to bring people together for light physical activity and social interaction? Actif Anywhere can provide accessible and engaging fitness solutions that suit your community's needs.

What we offer

Diverse Solutions: We provide a wide range of fitness and activity solutions to cater to the specific needs of your club, pre-school, primary school, secondary school, or community venue.

Adaptability: Our platform is continuously evolving to stay in line with the latest fitness and wellness trends, ensuring that we have something for everyone.

Pricing and Enquiries

To learn more about our pricing and to explore the offerings tailored to your specific needs, please fill out our enquiry form. We'll be in touch with you promptly to discuss how Actif Anywhere can benefit you.