Actif Anywhere for clubs - February and March promotion

Exclusive offer for sports and community clubs. We have a limited time offer for sports and community clubs to experience the incredible advantages of Actif Anywhere at no cost for a full month. 

Exclusive invitation for you!

Actif Anywhere for clubs is a brand-new concept by Actif Sport & Leisure, where it could transform the way club engage with its community, help club membership grow, and promote accessible, sustainable physical activity opportunities.

We are inviting clubs to register for a month FREE access to the platform.

Annual subscription is £365 after 2 FREE Months (February and March only)

What is Actif Anywhere?

Our online platform delivers live streamed and on-demand classes and activities - anytime, anywhere. Actif Anywhere for clubs will enable sports or community clubs to use the platform to get club members, athletes and parents active!

How? Imagine streaming a fitness class at your clubhouse during junior training at 4pm, parents could be given the opportunity to be active while their child / children take part in their training, or you could host a chair yoga session during the day.

What can Actif Anywhere bring to your club and community:

  • Encourage Physical Activity: Our diverse range of fitness sessions on the platform means there's something to suit every age and fitness level.
  • Sustainable Income Opportunities for your club: Unlock a new realm of sustainable income-generating opportunities for your club. Charge a fee (big or small) for Actif Anywhere sessions that you decide to broadcast in your sports club, clubhouse or community venue.
  • Enhanced Physical and Mental Well-being for the local community: Actif Anywhere platform is tailored to improve physical and mental wellbeing, fostering a healthier, happier community. It can develop a sense of togetherness and community spirit within your local area. The platform could help your club become a hub for social connections reducing loneliness and isolation among residents in your community.

How to take advantage of the offer?

For a limited time only, we are giving you a one-month free trial! This will give you the chance to explore the platform and use it within your club giving members, athletes and parents an opportunity to be more active.

To access your FREE trail email us now at