Sport Wales Funding for clubs

Are you a not-for-profit sports club or organisation and looking for financial support to help your club grow participation or improve your facilities?
See below to find out what Sports Wales grants are on offer.

Be Active Wales Fund

The fund offers grants for 'on-field' projects such as new equipment allowing more people to take part, coach development and different ways of delivering physical activity, that focus on at least one of the three priorities;

*Tackle inequalities

*Create long-term solutions to be more sustainable

*Take innovative approaches

Organisations can apply for £300 to £50,000 funding towards projects

Crowdfunder - A Place for Sport

The fund supports clubs to raise money for 'off-field' (capital) improvements such as changing rooms, lifts and ramps for better disability access that focus on one of the three priorities;

*Improve 'off-field' experience

*Provide economic sustainability

*Environmentally friendly

Clubs will need to set up a page on the Crowdfunder website to ask people to pledge money towards the project. If the amount raised reaches a certain criteria, Sport Wales will match fund between 30% and 50% of the total, up to a maximum of £15,000 match-funding.

If your club is thinking about applying, please get in touch with us for further advice and support.