Helping Sports Clubs in Carmarthenshire to thrive!

Our Thriving Clubs programme offers support and guidance to sports clubs to help clubs strengthen, grow and be fit for the future.

Actif Communities Officers can provide assistance to strengthen existing and develop new aspects of a club according to the club’s needs on the following:

• Grants and Finance
• Marketing and Promotion
• Managing your club
• Recruiting new members (An inclusive approach)
• Supporting Volunteers
• Sharing Good Practice

With our Thriving Club programme, we will go through the following 5 steps:

Club Information

So that we can get to know a little more about your club we will ask you to provide information on current members, coaches and volunteers.

Club Assessment

We will encourage you to complete a club assessment which will identify strengths and areas for improvement within your club. This will help us support your club.

Club Night Visit

We'd like to come and visit a training session where we can chat with the coaches, parents and members to get a better understanding of the club.

Growing the Club

Together, we can look at any areas of improvements and start helping you to set achievable goals.

Ongoing Club Support

We want your club to thrive, so will provide ongoing support as and when necessary.

thriving clubs

The above process is managed through our bespoke Thriving Clubs Portal which enables your club to upload information and gives our team an overview of the club’s progress at a click of a button.

If you want your club to Thrive, then get in touch!