Skill of the Week

Our 'Skill of the Week’ programme encourages children to be as active as they can, whilst developing important physical skills such as jumping, throwing and catching.

Each week we will be sharing a different physical skill and activity. These can be done anywhere - at home, school or in the park, with friends and family!

By practising the skill regularly, children will be able to perform the skill with confidence in lots of activities.

Follow the videos on how to perform the skill correctly, how to correct it if needs be and how to make it easier or harder. We've also got videos of activities that you can perform the skill in to make it more fun!

Week 1 - Balance

Balance on one foot skill

Week 2 - Jumping and Landing

Jumping and Landing skill

Jumping and Landing Activity - How to play Spot to Spot

Spot to Spot activity

Week 3 - Underarm Throw

Underarm throw skill

Underarm Throw Activity - How to play Pebble Plop

Pebble plop activity

Week 4 - Hopping

Hopping skill

Hopping Activity - How to play Patterns and Pathways

Patterns and Pathways

Week 5 - Star Shape

Star shape

Star Shape Activity - How to play Shape Shifting

shape shifting

Week 6 - Catching


Actif Time - Crazy Capers

Crazy Capers

Catching Activity - How to play To Me To You

to me to you

Week 7 - Skipping


Actif Time - Spot to Spot

spot to spot

Skipping Activity - How to play Crazy Capers

crazy capers

Week 8 - Straight Shape

straight shape

Actif Time - Shape Shifters

actif time

Week 9 - Two Handed Throw

two handed

Actif Time - Spots in Space

spots in space

Week 10 - Side Step

side step

Side step Activity - How to play Spots in Space


Week 11 - Tuck Shape

tuck shape

Week 12 - Kicking a ball

kicking a ball

Actif Time - Pebble Plop