We are open

We've missed you and it's great to be able to welcome you back. Following the Government announcement on 31 July, we are now open (as of Monday 10 August).

We can now share with you all the measures that we’ve been busy putting in place to make sure that all our customers and staff have a safe and hygienic environment.

The centres that are open are:

Not all our centres will be reopening in the first phase as two of them are still being used as NHS field hospitals.

Below is an overview of some of the changes we’ll have in place.

If you are feeling unwell

  • STAY SAFE. If you are feeling unwell or displaying any COVID-19 symptoms, please do not enter the centre, stay at home and follow the NHS guidance.

Cleanliness and hygiene

  • WASH YOUR HANDS / SANITISE FREQUENTLY. On arrival, please sanitise your hands. We also encourage you to regularly wash / sanitise your hands during your visit.  We also have several sanitising stations throughout the centre.
  • ENHANCED CLEANING REGIME. There will be enhanced cleaning regimes in place throughout the centre. Deep cleans will also take place every night to make sure the centre is ready for next day.
  • SELF CLEANING STATIONS. We’ll also be asking you to do your bit too. In the gym we’ll have a number of self-cleaning stations and we kindly ask that you wipe down the machines/equipment before and after use, for added peace of mind.

Social distancing

  • SOCIAL DISTANCING. We have installed several safety signs that make it easier for you to maintain a safe distance between yourself, staff and others around you.
  • REDUCED NUMBER. We have reduced the number of people who can access the centre and each activity at any given time.  This is to ensure that you and our staff can safely distance during your visit.

Accessing your chosen activity

  • YOU MUST PRE-BOOK INTO YOUR ACTIVITY. We will not be accepting any ‘walk ups’, make sure that you book online prior to attending any activity (gym, swim, workout pods and outdoor classes). You can book these activities by going online / downloading our app (you will need your membership ID and PIN, but don’t worry as we’ll be sending reminder emails).  We have also reduced the advanced booking period from 14 days to 5 days, this is to make it fair for all.


  • TIMED SLOTS. To make sure that everyone gets a chance to access their chosen activity we have limited all sessions (gym, workout pods, swim and outdoor classes) to 1 hour each and you will not be allowed to move from one activity to another activity.
  • EQUIPMENT SPACED OUT. We have spaced out the equipment and put one ways systems in place to make sure that you can exercise safely. We have also reduced the numbers who can access the gym at any given time to make it safe for everyone. When booking the gym at Amman Valley Leisure Centre, you will notice the coloured equipment zones (red, blue, green) included as part of the sessions. What does that mean? Both Red and Blue zones have a mixture of resistance machines and cardio machines whilst the green zone is more free weights with a 1 treadmill and rower.
  • WORKOUT PODS. These are a NEW activity that you can book into. Using the space of the dance studios we have marked out 3mx3m areas that has one piece of cardiovascular equipment (Bike / Rower) along with bench and a selection of weights (kettlebell, barbell or dumbbells).
  • SWIMMING POOLS. We will only be offering lane swimming and the lanes will now be ‘double’ the width, this is to ensure safe social distancing in the water. We have also reduced the numbers who can access the swimming pool at any given time to make it safe for everyone.
  • CHANGING ROOMS. We ask that you come dressed for your pre-booked activity. For swimming customers, we ask that you wear your swimming attire underneath your clothes where possible.  This will help reduce the amount of time spent in the changing room area.
  • WATER FOUNTAINS. Please bring pre-filled water bottles with you as the water fountains will not be available and neither will the café / vending machines.

Welcome Back to Actif!


For those of you wishing to restart your membership, you'll be pleased to know we've temporarily reduced our direct debit membership prices to reflect the services that we can offer you when we re-open, which should deliver even greater value for your Actif membership. The lower prices will stay in place until the end of September. These prices will be reviewed each month considering the facilities and services we are able to make available to you.

Household - £30 a month
Platinum / Corporate platinum / Student / Over 60's / Bronze / Corporate Bronze - £20 a month


If you wish to restart your membership, the great news is you can now do this yourself. 

Follow the steps below to rejoin with us;

  • Click JOIN 
  • Select Site from the drop-down list (please select your preferred centre, even if you are using another of our centres for the time being)
  • Select Sign up for a membership
  • Select Online Direct Debits
  • Select your chosen membership from the list
  • As you are already a member you won't need to add your details, just tick Yes, I have a Member ID and PIN and enter your details in
  • Continue adding in your details and confirm payment details.
  • Once you've completed these steps you will now have access to the Actif Anywhere platform

...Or need further assistance with restarting your membership?

If you have any of the following memberships you will need to contact our membership team directly who will help restart your membership. Rest assured that the 4 and a bit months you’ve lost since we’ve been in lockdown will be added onto your membership

If you have a;

  • 365 membership
  • Standard or Super Saver card
  • Annual swim membership

Please fill in your details below and a member of the team will call you back by the end of the next working day.  Please be aware that the opening hours of our membership office are 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday.


We look forward to welcoming members and visitors back to our Leisure Centres very soon. The health and wellbeing of our customers and our staff is our main priority.  Thank you for bearing with us during this difficult and unprecedented time.

To help you prepare to return to your local centre to enjoy your favourite classes or to use our facilities in a secure way, we have compiled an extensive FAQ section below which should answer any questions you may have.  If not, you can contact us, click on the button below

(Expand the following titles to find out more)

Leisure Centres

When will Actif Sport & Leisure Centres be re-opening and will all centres re-open the same time? 

Following the latest Welsh Government advice we have re-opened Amman Valley, Newcastle Emlyn, St Clears and Llandovery from August 10th, 2020.  Carmarthen and Llanelli Leisure centres are currently used as field hospitals and so their reopening timeframe will vary. Coedcae Sports Centre is also currently closed.

Can I access another Actif Sport & Leisure Centre?

Our Direct Debit memberships give you access to ALL Actif Leisure centres. That means that even if you are a member that regularly use Carmarthen and Llanelli, you can access Amman Valley, Newcastle Emlyn, St Clears and Llandovery pool while we wait for an update on when Carmarthen and Llanelli will be ready to reopen.

What are the opening hours at Actif Leisure Centres from 10th August?

Centres will be open at the same times wherever possible. These opening times do not reflect the available sessions.

However, access is through pre-booked sessions with limited numbers.

Amman Valley Leisure Centre

Monday - Friday 06:30 - 21:30

Saturday - Sunday 08:00 - 16:00

Newcastle Emlyn Leisure Centre

Monday - Friday 08:00 - 21:00

Saturday - Sunday 08:00 - 16:30

St Clears Leisure Centre

Monday - Friday 08:00 - 21:00

Saturday - Sunday 08:00 - 16:30

Llandovery Swimming Pool

Monday - Tuesday - Thursday 12:00 - 18:30

Wednesday & Friday 07:30 - 18:30

Saturday CLOSED

Sunday 09:30 - 14:00

What should I do when I arrive at a centre?

We have made improvements to our check in process to make it as quick and easy for you.  We'll be issuing customers who do not have an RFID button with a new one.  This button is linked to your membership, and will allow you to check in in seconds - don't worry if you don't have one we'll sort you out on your first visit. Once checked in, please follow the instructions given by our staff who will direct you to your activity. 

Will all services within the leisure centre be open e.g. café, play centre…? 

Some services will not be open, initially, we will offer swimming, gym and group exercise only.  At later stages, we will open other activities as government advice permits and subject to risk assessment.  Please see the website for details.

Will there be a time limit that members / visitors can spend in the centre?

Sessions of activity will be limited to one hour on a pre-booked and prepaid basis.  This includes changing times where relevant.

What changes have been made to make sure all members, visitors and staff are safe? (social distancing / cleaning regimes / risk assessments carried out etc)

Customers will see one way systems, signage, enhanced cleaning, sanitisation stations and restricted access when visiting.  You may be asked to wipe down equipment after use too. Comprehensive risk assessment and new cleaning systems have been introduced.  The sites will all operate on a cashless basis with limited numbers in the centre at any time.  Customers will have to agree to our codes of conduct at time of booking.

With Carmarthen and Llanelli Leisure Centres currently being used as temporary field hospitals, is this likely to cause disruption to members and customers at these centres over the coming weeks?

These sites will not open in the first phase of reopening, we are talking with colleagues in NHS to explore options in the future and agree future needs in terms of health service.  We will publicise any changes in due course.

Have the Leisure centres been deep cleaned prior to re-opening?

Yes and routine cleaning programmes will be in place including deep cleans once we reopen.

Will toilets be available?

Yes toilets will be available.

Will there be a maximum number of customers that will be allowed to be inside the building at any one time when you re-open?

Yes – each site will have maximum numbers per session.

Will there be a queuing / one way in & out system introduced to avoid congestion?

Yes – please follow the instructions and directions when visiting.

What do I need to bring and what am I not allowed to bring with me?

You will need to bring your own water bottles.  If you swim then you may bring one each of swim hat, float, pull buoy, nose clip, Goggles and Arm Bands/Swim Aid.  For group exercise you may bring your own yoga mat.

Will water fountains be in use?


Will I still be able to purchase water and other energy drinks from the machines?


For customers paying for activities on a one-off visit, will paying by contactless card be encouraged rather than handling cash at reception desk?

We request that payment must be made upon booking online.

As a member, customer or visitor, what can I do when Leisure centres re-open to help reduce infection when I visit?

Please wash your hands, use our sanitiser stations and where relevant wipe down your kit after use with the sanitisers provided. Ensure you follow the signs / advice and maintain social distancing.  If you are unwell please do not visit us and wait until you are fully recovered.

Do I need to wear a mask or other PPE inside the centre?

No, if you choose to wear a face mask you may however.

Will centre staff receive additional training prior to the re-opening?

Yes, all our staff are being retrained ahead of opening to ensure that they are ready to welcome and look after customers.

Am I able to use the outdoor sports areas within Actif Leisure centres? How do I book?

Available facilities are bookable through the website / app.  For regular bookings enquiries please contact the centre direct via telephone / email.

Pre-Booking for Activities

Will I need to book a slot online to use your facilities before visiting?

Yes through the website or our App (you will need your membership ID/PIN details to log in) https://carmarthenshire.leisurecloud.net/Connect/MRMLogin.aspx

Do I need to book online before using the swimming pool? How do I book?

Yes; you will need to book your session and pay for it online through the website or the app (you will need your membership ID/PIN details to log in) https://carmarthenshire.leisurecloud.net/Connect/MRMLogin.aspx

Do I need to book online before using the gym? How do I book?

  1. Yes, you will need to book and pay online before attending the gym session. Numbers are limited to a first come first served basis. (you will need your membership ID/PIN details to log in) https://carmarthenshire.leisurecloud.net/Connect/MRMLogin.aspx

Your Membership

What happened to my membership during the closure between March and now?

Your membership was frozen during the closure, it will remain frozen unless you choose to opt in to one of our available membership options and new products.  No payments have been collected until your membership is reactivated. 

Are there any changes to membership prices when you re-open?

We will be offering a package of membership by DD for those who wish to take up; Single £20 pm, Household £30 pm, Actif Anywhere (live stream/on demand) £10 pm or a bolt on of £7.50 for existing members.

If I decide not to attend the centres when they re-open, will there be an option to freeze my account for an extended period?

Your account will remain frozen in the short term, this may change as time progresses and lockdown rules change.  You will hear from us as time passes to update you on changes.

What will happen to my direct debit payment when I return to the centres, should I do anything?

If you choose to opt for a membership option your direct debit will restart.  If you remain frozen you can still pay & play at our standard prices for available sessions.

I cancelled my direct debit, but now want to return to the centre, what do I do?

We are really happy should you choose to re-join with us, your options are available for selection and payment online. https://www.actif.wales/memberships/

If my centre will not be the first to open and it’s not possible for me to attend another centre, what will happen to my monthly direct debit payment?

It will remain frozen at the present time, if that changes we will contact you.

Can I Freeze or Cancel my membership after re-opening if I need to?

Yes, you have the option always to freeze or cancel your membership.

I would like to join Actif as a member, can I do this straight away?

You can JOIN Actif in a few simple steps.  All you need to do is click JOIN and follow the steps on the screen. You can decide which membership option you'd like to take whether that is a direct debit membership or Pay as You Go membership - the choice is yours. We hope you enjoy using our facilities.

Gyms and Fitness Classes

What are the gym opening times?

Please check the website or app booking pages for your local centre opening times and session times.

Will Actif put on special hourly sessions for certain age groups (60+, families, health conditions)?

This will develop over time please monitor our website and newsletters for updates.

Will there be new arrangements in place for gym availability?

You will need to book and pay for your session online through the website or app.

Will the gym only be available for members only or can PAYG customers also access the gym?

PAYG and member access is available.  All customers must be registered to access the site.

How many people will be able to visit the gym at any one time?

This depends upon the site as each venue has different capacities.  Numbers are however limited to ensure social distance and space allocation maintained.

Will all equipment be available to use?

We will make as much equipment available to you as we are able.  It will be less however than in normal times.

At Amman Valley Leisure Centre, what is the difference between the coloured equipment zones?

Both Red and Blue zones have a mixture of resistance machines and cardio machines and the green zone is more free weights with a 1 treadmill and rower. You can find which colours are included in what sessions in each booking slot.

Are members required to wipe down equipment before & after use?

We ask that customers do this when using the gym to protect themselves and others, equipment will be provided (spray and blue roll).

Are children (11 years +) allowed to accompany me to the gym to train?

Sessions are available on a single person basis.

Will fitness classes be returning as centres re-open?

Yes we will be offering a limited programme of classes, these will be both indoors and outdoors.

How many will be able to attend a fitness class at any one time?

Each class has different sizes dependent upon the activity.

Are you going to be running outdoor fitness classes at Actif?


I can’t get a space on a class. Will you have a waiting list in case spare spaces become available?

There are no waiting lists.  We will enforce a no show rule for people who repeatedly do not arrive for their booking.

For those unable to return to the gym currently, will there be anywhere I can get advice to help keep active at home?

We have a range of on demand services and our Actif Anywhere product provides for live stream and on demand classes / fitness.

How can I keep in contact with your fitness instructors?

You can keep in touch with us when you visit or via the website, email, social media and telephone.

Will changing rooms and showers be available for gym users?

Changing rooms and showers will not be available for those booking a gym session.

Do you have a time limit that I can spend in the gym?

All Gym Sessions are 1 hour; this includes arrival, activity and departure within the 1 hour slot.

What do I need to bring and what am I not allowed to bring with me?

You may bring a water bottle and if needed your own yoga mat.

What cleaning duties will be carried out in the gyms?

The space will be cleaned after each session as well as routine cleaning through the day.

Will there be centre staff available in the gym?

Yes throughout opening times.

Swimming Pools

What are the swimming pool opening times?

Please check the website or app booking form for available sessions at your pool.  Access is only through booked sessions.  The pools are open 7 days per week.

Will Actif put on special hourly sessions for certain age groups (60+, families, health conditions)?

Yes, these will develop over time and be available online to buy/book. Further details on family sessions can be found below.

Will there be a limit on how many people will be allowed in the pool at one time during swim sessions?

Yes, we will have limited numbers and swimming will be in lanes.

What do I need to bring and what am I not allowed to bring with me?

You may bring your towel, one each of the following; water bottle, kick board, pull-buoy, goggles, nose clip, arm bands and swim hat.

Will there be family swimming sessions?

Limited family swimming sessions have now been included at Amman Valley Leisure Centre only.

How its set up

The pool is split as per current lane swimming sessions with the two outside lanes allocated to the family swim session to ensure social distancing of two households.  Each section runs from shallow to deep end with the central single lane blocked off to act as a buffer between the two family groups.

What days / times do they run

They are 1 hour sessions;

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11.15am and 3.45pm

Tuesdays and Thursday 4pm only

Booking into the session

We ask that only one of the membership account holders books the session (different to lane swimming where we ask each individual to book per time slot). Maximum of 6 per booking and MUST be from same household.  Of those 6 per bookings we can only allow 3 adults max.


The cost is £12.70 and every membership type apart from Household Membership will be charged £12.70.

Will there be any changes to the term swimming timetables published going forward at Carmarthen, Llanelli, Amman Valley and Llandovery?

Timetables will reflect the available sessions only and so will look very different to what was before.

I am a coach/organiser of a sports club who accesses one of your swimming pools, will I have to re-book training days and times before returning?

Yes, sessions and times will need to be booked and paid in advance as and when facilities reopen and club slots are made available.  All clubs must appoint a covid-officer and follow their respective governing body guidance.  The number of participants will be limited to comply with social distancing requirements.

Will the health suite facilities be open?

These facilities will not be open in the initial phases of reopening.

How can I keep in contact with your swimming instructors?

Contact will be maintained through site management and our swim coordinators only.  You can reach us through email or telephone at your local centre.

Will there be changes to the way changing rooms will be allocated and used?

Yes, you will be allocated a personal cubicle to use for the session. We ask you arrive swim ready with your costume under your clothes.

Will the showers be available for use?

Showers will only be available for a pre swim, poolside shower but no access afterwards.

Do you have a time limit that I can spend in the swimming pool?

All Swim Sessions are 1 hour; this includes arrival, swim and depart within the 1 hour slot.

What cleaning duties will be carried out in the pools?

Cleaning will take place between each session and at the end of the day.

Will there be staff on poolside?

Yes there will be lifeguards on duty, it is important you follow any instruction given.

Swimming Lessons

Will there be new arrangements in place for school swimming lessons from September?

There are no plans to restart school swimming lessons in September. Plans will be developed with Education partners to determine when and how school swimming will restart.

How will swimming lessons for children and adults work?

There will be no swim lesson programme in phase 1.  Plans are being developed that will enable some form of swim school to start.  It is anticipated that any initial programme will start later in the year and be subject to strict controls.  Full programmes are unlikely to restart in 2020.

How many children will be in each swimming lesson and how long will classes be for?

Class sizes will be subject to social distancing for both teachers and learners. It is likely that lessons will be intensive weeks as opposed to termly.  The number of classes will be significantly reduced.

Will my child/ren still be enrolled in their usual swimming classes on the same day and time when they re-commence?

No, because the programme will not be able to operate as it was before the lockdown.

My child/ren would like to start attending swimming lessons. Do you currently have space?

There are currently no lessons available, please keep an eye on our website and newsletters for more details as programmes change in coming months.

Children's Activities

Will the play centre be opening at Carmarthen Leisure Centre?

The play centre remains closed as the facility is a field hospital.

When will the Junior programmes for children be re-commencing?

There are no plans to restart children's programmes in facilities in the short term.

Will there be Actif Children’s Holiday Clubs organised over the summer and October holidays?

Not at this time.

Is it possible to book a birthday party at one of your centres now for a future date?

Not at this time.