Actif Anywhere now FREE


 We have amazing news! our Actif Anywhere membership has now been applied to all fitness memberships for FREE. 

The Actif Anywhere membership used to be an additional £7.50 a month.. 

You will now get access to a timetable of Live classes, along with OnDemand videos to follow at your convenience.

What is Actif Anywhere?

Actif Anywhere is Actif's own live streaming service bringing you real-time fitness classes that you can do anywhere, by using your phone, tablet or laptop. We also have a range of on-demand workouts available wherever you are.

What’s included?

We have a host of fitness classes that you can get involved in from, Strength & Conditioning, Cardio & Endurance, Dance classes, HIIT, Yoga & Relaxation, Cycling and more! So there really is something for everyone.

All live classes will be delivered to you by our friendly Actif Instructors. 

The benefits of Actif Anywhere

  • No need to travel
  • Live and interactive
  • Fits around your daily routine
  • Simple to access and convenient
  • Portable (you can do it anywhere!) and access the platform on your phone, laptop or tablet
  • Train with your favourite Actif coaches
  • High-quality and motivating instruction by our instructors