Actif Anywhere membership has now been applied to all fitness memberships for FREE. 

The Actif Anywhere membership used to be an additional £7.50 a month.. 

You will now get access to a timetable of Live classes, along with OnDemand videos to follow at your convenience.

What is Actif Anywhere?

Actif Anywhere is Actif's own live streaming service bringing you real-time fitness classes that you can do anywhere, by using your phone, tablet or laptop. We also have a range of on-demand workouts available wherever you are.

What’s included?

We have a host of fitness classes that you can get involved in from, Strength & Conditioning, Cardio & Endurance, Dance classes, HIIT, Yoga & Relaxation, Cycling and more! So there really is something for everyone.

All live classes will be delivered to you by our friendly Actif Instructors. 

The benefits of Actif Anywhere

  • No need to travel
  • Live and interactive
  • Fits around your daily routine
  • Simple to access and convenient
  • Portable (you can do it anywhere!) and access the platform on your phone, laptop or tablet
  • Train with your favourite Actif coaches
  • High-quality and motivating instruction by our instructors